90 years of proactive and flexible business operations

General Group came into existence in 1914 as "Toyo Fukusha-Shi Limited Partnership", set up to manufacture carbon papers. Since then, it has been launching, one after another, a varied range of products related to printing, such as thermal papers, ink ribbons, ink rolls, and thermal transfer ribbons to meet the needs of the times. Renamed "General Co., Ltd." in 1960, the company was listed in the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange in 1970 to consolidate its leading position in the office supplies market in Japan. Having expanded its operations overseas, both in manufacturing and marketing, the group is continuing to grow steadily, by keeping abreast of the development of OA equipment and IT technologies. This long history, which dates back more than 90 years, is testimony to the group's proactive and flexible business approach, and technological prowess.