Leading the office supplies industry
with its original technology and
comprehensive development capability

Each different printing medium, such as paper, fabric, or film, has its own different applications that require a variety of properties including heat-, light-, friction-,and solvent-resistance. General Group, using its unique ink manufacturing technology, coating technology, and slitting technology, and with its excellence in product development, delivers the functionality that the market and customers need. In recent years, the group has come up with "Photographic dye sublimation ribbons" that meet the needs of fine color printing, and "Dedicated industrial printer inks" in cooperation with a major overseas computer manufacturer, thus taking on technological challenges day in day out to seek new values.

Study and analysis of new printers
( Ecolo Tech Co., Ltd.)

Keeping abreast of fast-evolving OA equipment development

Rapid gathering and accurate analysis of information on OA equipment that quickly goes in and out of fashion, such as printers, is important in developing new printing products and printing media. While working with several Japanese printer manufacturers to pursue printing technology, General Group obtains many samples of already-marketed products from such manufacturers to study and analyze them carefully and quickly. Such an approach is only possible with a proper system in place for those concerned, such as sales, development, and production departments, to come together in making well-coordinated efforts. This quick, effective and focused approach to new product development, mobilizing the entire organization, is what sets General Group apart.