Creating contemporary values
Looking at ourselves in order to flexibly keep up with a changing world is the attitude that makes possible sustainable business activities. General Group will continue to search for the values that the new age needs, always accommodating itself to it.

Value creation for customers
The office supplies manufactured and marketed by General Group, including OEM products as well as those of its own brand, totals as many as 18,000 items (as of July, 2005). It is our astute observation and perception of the times, and of the needs of customers that has made possible such an extensive range of products. As it has always done, General Group will continue to focus on manufacturing in order to provide the greatest value to the customers. Holding stocks of each of the affiliated companies to provide overall management of the group is General Holdings Co., Ltd. which plays a central role in showing the basic policy for the entire group, such as on optimization of management resources, risk management, drawing up strategies for the next generation, and creation of new business.

Value creation for the earth’s environment
Consideration of the earth’s environment is now becoming a crucial factor in successful business in today’s world. General Group has long since characterized itself as a business that contributes to a better environment, leading the way for the industry with a variety of commitments it is making in this field.

Creating values for the market
With the increasing availability of distribution means, and remarkable progress in IT technology, the entire world is the market for any business. General Group has a system in place in which manufacturing and marketing operations are integrated into one to accurately keep track of market trends so that it can continue to offer the best value to customers.

Cutting edge technology creates value
Any new product is expected to have new value. What creates new value is new technology. General Group serves the office supplies market by meeting a varied range of customer needs with its unique "technology".

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